Digital Curation

Have you ever been in a library searching for a book, say number 378.145 HE, and wonder how long it took to for all the librarians to print, stick, and record all the data about all these books on all these shelves? Institutions such as libraries and museums are responsible for maintaining our cultures information. … More Digital Curation

A day offline

9:30 am Obnoxious alarm goes off. *snooze button* 10:00 am Crap crap crap I’m late. Gotta dressed and get to class, I’ll play some music on Spotify while I get dressed. Thank god for offline mode, otherwise, I’d have to brush my teeth in silence, imagine that! 11:30 am This lecture is so boring, maybe I should … More A day offline

WEB 3.0 oh

The Semantic Web or The Internet of things. The web is now moving from its mysterious place in the cloud down to us and our toasters. Imagine you get home, walk in and some mysterious woman’s voice greets you and makes you a cup of coffee. But wait, is anyone there? No, but your new … More WEB 3.0 oh

Keyboard Warriors

  With the birth of the Internet came the freedom for a type of expression previously impossible, total anonymity. In theory, this is a wonderful concept that removes all bias and stereotyping from an online identity, simply because often there is no identity.          On the Internet no one knows you’re a … More Keyboard Warriors

Looney Tunes

Toot toot, another sexually charged RnB song! Welcomed to my blogs first exploration of music from my childhood! The song Ignition (Remix) by R.Kelly came out in 2003 in his album Chocolate Factory and has since become a classic. What better to move your body to than a sexual car metaphor? So put your keys … More Looney Tunes